Please note the new addition to the "Now Online" section to your left. "Chores" is a poem I wrote on a lark while I was supposed to be enriching young minds with, I don't know, wisdom or something. The deal was, you write a poem beginning "My Sweetie wears" and if they like it, they give you money. I was mentioned honorably and got a buck. So, yeah: I'm pretty awesome.

    We had a baby. And so far, he and the Big O seem to be getting along swimmingly, as evidenced by this photo taken the same day he was born:
    Big O & the Baby


    Midweek Makeup Svithe #1: Moments of quiet

    No, the title is not intended to be ironic, and really, though I covet physical quiet always, what I actually mean to refer to is, mm, soul quiet. The moments where this mortal realm fades away and we are left alone with silence and spirit.

    Those moments are lovely, aren't they? And so hard to come by.

    Of course, if they are rare, I have no one to blame but myself. God doesn't get to busy for me. And he would have much better excuses, I'm sure.

    I find it curious that a state that involves kicking out such things as geography is so closely tied to geography. I find it easier to draw closer to God in the woods or in a temple than, say, BART. Sometimes I wonder how much of that is just me and my weaknesses. But even if it is 100% me, God anticipated that weakness: the scriptures are replete with examples of prophets having profound experiences on mountains, in forests, in wildernesses, at temples---not so many recorded instances of theophanies on public transit.

    So at least I'm normal.

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    As I was holding the baby, less than an hour old, in labor and delivery as the midwife and nurse helped Lady Steed, I caught myself singing what may well have been his first song (track 14).


  1. I don't know. I suspect that if there were more public transit options available in ancient Jerusalem, we would have heard more about prophetic moments thereon.

  2. .

    Can't sneak anything by you.

    And nice shirt, by the way.