Theric! Say it ain't so!


I was at Ross the other day and, long story short, picked up this book and read it.

The book opens from either end; one side has Maleficent on the cover and tells the Sleeping Beauty story with her as narrator. The other side lets the princess tell her version of events.

Let's get the facts straight here and now:

YES. I did read a book branded "Disney Princess".

YES. I read the entire thing.

YES. I liked it.

YES. I laughed my silly little head off. I am not exaggerating when I said it slew me. The book was really funny, people. And for $2.99, I really should have bought it. Shoot.

The real questions have to do with the writer, Kiki Thorpe:

1) Why didn't she write all these My Side of the Story books?

2) What's with the career composed of nothing but crap for Disney and Nickelodeon (et al)? You have skills, Kiki! Do something all your own! Put that creative spunk to work on a project that will give you a better royalty deal!

Also: you don't happen to live in the East Bay, do you?


  1. Maleficent was always my favorite evil Disney queen. I love her electric pointyness and the echoing crashing noise her sceptre makes when she slams it on the ground. Her smile is wonderfully terrifying.

    Especially to The Dude, who runs out of the room whenever Maleficent comes on screen. Sleeping Beauty is one of those movies 'sposita and I get to watch only in his absence.


    I admit to having read the same book in Ross a few months ago. It was funny. But I didn't buy it either.

  2. Okay, if you can't get your hands on the book, make sure you click on the link and read the Amazon reviews. The second (and last) one is hilarious! I'm going to pretend that the reviewer was being ironic instead of sincere, because that makes me laugh. Hard.

    "I urge you to . . . write a long letter to Disney regarding taking responsibility on how they handle their characters and what they unleash to the public."

    That's pure gold, friends.

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    Yeah, I loved that.

    And I love that the movie is the Orthodox Truth of Sleeping Beauty.

    That review is proof enough that the book is worth a read.

  4. Last night I dreamed I got ahold of the book and read it. It wasn't very funny, and the author seemed to be singularly untalented. I found myself doubting you, th., and for that I am sorry.

    Now I don't know what to think.

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    Would you go to a Chrysler dealer to learn about Fords?

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    Would you go to a Chrysler dealer to learn about Fords?

  7. Actually, I would go to a Chrysler dealer to learn about Fords? When I went the a Subaru dealership to look at Foresters I learned a lot about the competing compact SUVs.

  8. Yeah, that second review was great. I trust you more than I trust her, Th. If I see the book, I'll give it a read.