I like Swedish Fish


But, in Sweden, do they call Swedish Fish Swedish Fish?

Or do they just call them Fish?


  1. One time while I was ordering pizza on the phone, I asked for Canadian bacon on the pizza and then launched into a while schpeal about how I don't know why Canadian bacon is called "Canadian bacon," and I'm from Canada, so you think I should know. In Canada, Hawaiian pizzas are made with ham and pineapple. None of this "Canadian bacon" stuff. But I think that what Americans call "Canadian bacon" is what we call "back bacon."

    Just a thought. Maybe in Sweden, they call them "gummy fish." It's not beyond the realm of possibility.

  2. I believe they're called "klibbig fisk". However, I have no idea why I know that.

    French fries are called "frites" in France.

    American cheese is called "American cheese" in the U.S. And it smells bad.

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    Yeah, it's pretty awful stuff.

    But I do like me some Canadian bacon.

  4. I really dislike swedish fish. but then I am the pickiest man alive.

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    Try licking them then dipping them in salt.

    Walrus--what do you call them in Britain?

  6. Canadian bacon? I've always called it ham. Weirdness.

  7. Ohhh. That's what you mean when you say "Fish" in the "say anything" thread. I get it.