Anne and I


I suppose I should be embarrassed by this, but I've never read Anne of Green Gables or, indeed, to to best of my knowledge, anything by Lucy Maud Montgomery, ol' L.M. I say that because thanks to LibraryThing, we own a couple knockoffs, a board book and a no-longer-early-but-not-yet-middle-grade reader. I'll talk about them in a second.

First, I should just cop that my knowledge of Anne is pretty much entirely based on the 1985 Canadian miniseries and its various sequels and spinoffs. Largely, I saw them many times because my what my sister loved became what we watched as a family but, unlike, say, Punky Brewster, I liked it too, and it has sunk deep into my person.

Last January, one of my AP Lit students for her book-of-your-choice presentation talked about Anne's first book and thus I learned about the deep love for Anne in Japan and realized I am way, way overdue to read her myself.

A couple years ago, I told you about a brilliant for-kids comics adaptation that made me weepy, and reading Anne's Tragical Tea Party aloud today was nearly impossible. My voice wouldn't stay uncracked. I tried to let it own when appropriate, but there were tears down my face by the end.

Anne's Feelings I first read some time ago (and later got Anne's Colors from the library, as well) and utterly loved it (and it). I love the based-on-classic-lit boardbook phenomenon, and these are solid entries.

 But I definitely have a problem. I just teared up via Look Inside with this one I've never heard of before:

I don't use LibraryThing much anymore, but it does tell me that I apparently have the actual novel in a box in the garage. So . . . egad, but I don't want to go looking for it.

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