Announcing Thubstack


Hi, there. So I've started up a newsletter on Substack. I am calling it Thubstack. For now.

At this point, the newsletter will only repeat what appears on my blog, Thutopia. (If you are receiving Thutopia posts via email already, I believe you will receive two copies of this one. If so, please feel free to disengage from the nonSubstack one. I believe it will end in July anyway, but why go doublemint for three months if you can't go doublemint for life? If not, I don't know how you do it. Good luck!)

Anyway, if you've always found it a hassle to come here but never bothered to simplify your life, this is the right time!


If you're new to thpecadillos, here's what I've written about since the beginning of 2020:

Regular book-review posts: 27
Posts on unfinished books: 2
Other posts on literature: 8
Regular film posts: 17
Posts about me (eg, publications): 4
Svithes: 3
Other posts: 8

I've no doubt that writing a blog/newsletter rather than just a blog will eventually change what I write. I think I will be more likely to put together posts announcing recent publications, for instance. Perhaps some Twitter threads will make the cut? Perhaps I'll do more Face in Hat promotion? I don't know. Evolution doesn't work with an endgoal in mind.

(I'm also open to suggestions.)

When I do know what I'm doing, I think the odds are excellent that Thubstack will get a better name. Let us never forget that Thutopia began life as Tehachapiltdownman.

# # #


Let's see how announcing publications feels. Here are a few things that have seen print, but gone unannounced on Thutopia, since covidshutdown began.

Fiction: A Barn in Livermore, Cost-benefit Analysis of the Richmond Teacher Enclave by the Facilities Committee for Consideration of the Board, Daisy the Sentient Cow

Poetry: The Squirrel that Sits atop Our Bookshelf; Le Conte; Ants; A Golden Shovel after Sandra Simonds; Awaken, Eve; Tamalpais, Timpanogos, Bear; Archetype (proof of shark); Before, then After; new days; The Heavenly Mother at Taco Bell; Today, as we lie in bed, it rains; Fill in the blanks, Lord!

Other: Dear the Last Time I Carried You Back to Bed

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