Looking back over 2017's books


Hi. No complicated statistical analysis here. It's just---every year I have a sense of what I read. But am I right? I logged over 140 books in 2017, but I don't feel like I read that much. I feel like I read a lot of comics and poetry. Books that aren't as word heavy as finally getting Gibbon read.

So here's a pdf.

I did read a lot of comics (62 volumes---almost half the total) and what I guess is probably a lot of poetry (17 volumes), but there were surprises as well. For a fellow who does not think of himself as a big reader of nonfiction, I fit in 17 volumes. Which ain't shabby, even if a couple of them are humor books. I even read multiple straight-up political books in 2017! Crazy!

I should note that not all the books' categorizations are inarguable. For instance, if I'm putting Letters to a Young Mormon into the minors category, shouldn't I also for Between the World and Me? Could well be. There are multiple examples of such conundrums. Books are complicated things.

Other interesting things I noted:
Only one Mormon novel this year (unless you include the Orson Scott Card scifi number.

Speaking of Mormon stuff, depending on how you count, add two comics, a YA novel, two nonfiction tomes, five volumes of poetry.

Picking up a manga series bulks up a books-read list real fast.

I averaged two works of adult fiction finished per month. Not terrible, but not a happifying number either.
Anyway. That's enough navelgazing for one day.

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