The good old TSA


TSA: Turn on your laptop.

Fellow: Can't. It's broken.

TSA: Why would you fly with a broken laptop?

Fellow: My brother fixes them. Told me to bring it along.

TSA: And what's that attached to it?

Fellow: Cooling fan.

TSA: No such thing.

Fellow: Dude. This is one right here. It's see-through. You can see the blades.

TSA: Blades---?

Fellow: Fan blades.

TSA: I'm afraid I'm going to have to break these things with a hammer.

Fellow: What?

TSA: Don't worry. I'll give you a receipt.

Fellow: But why? If you seriously think there might be a bomb in there, how is hitting it with a hammer making anyone safer?

TSA: Hey, Jim? Can you tase this guy? He said bomb.


  1. For real? Because it reads like a comedy routine.

  2. .

    The fact that we can't tell for sure, says all that really needs to be said.