Sarah Dooley is my new favorite person


I heard a snippet of Sarah Dooley on NPR one morning as I was lying in bed still grasping sleep with both hands. But what I heard was so good I googled the NPR story when I got to school and added her album to my 2014 Spotify list. I've been listening constantly since then. It's now the first album of new music I've purchased for myself since Spotify arrived in these United States.

I bought it for two reasons:
1. To make a copy for listening in the car.

2. To get the lyrics.
But she pulled a Sunfall on me and the lyrics were not included.

Darn you, Dooley! I need those lyrics! (For a screenplay I'm working on, I'm secretly imagining "Teenage Elegance" over the closing credits*, but before I get too attached or take any signals from it, I should know what it's actually saying. And I never know what songs actually say.)

Anyway, she's aesthetically a bit like Regina Spektor though she isn't Regina Spektor (which doesn't mean the similarities are accidental). With imagination, you can see the Fiona Apple comparison also. I think I smell some TMBG as well, but that remains undocumented.

Here's her kickstarted video to give you an introduction:

But it's not just music. Her promotional videos are painfully delicious as well (1 2 3). And her old web series about college gets better each awkward minute.

I don't know if she'll make her living as a screenwriter or a songwriter or a performer of some sort or, most likely, a 21st-century alchemical mixture of all, but she's going to be part of our lives going forward. Get to know her now.


  1. She almost sounds like a gentile Jessica Frech...just less Nashville...

  2. .

    Someone else to look up!