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0:01 hello Salt Lake City Comicon
0:03 I apologize for not being here with you in person today but due to personal
0:07 failings as a human being
0:09 I managed to miss my flight and thanks to my
0:13 good sense and wine regions there is no forgiveness for me
0:18 but the bright side that's how they keep their fare so well I'm here today
0:22 because at this little book you see flashing up on the screen
0:25 a couple years ago Sunstar
0:29 asked me cue put together a
0:32 anthology comics it started because I wanted to write an article about
0:37 Mike Allred creator Matt Matt mormon fellow
0:40 and it led one thing led to another and result in this book
0:44 which resulted in me being there called
0:48 by a more than a number of people
0:51 fairly or unfairly so to the world's expert in water comics I don't know this
0:55 is entirely a term I agree there's certain things I
0:58 and certainly not expert at that time I come here because he's expert in the
1:01 Saints will get him in a moment
1:03 but I was invited to write for this book which came out
1:07 earlier this year last year depending on how you count mormons popular culture
1:12 this is a preference work for university libraries
1:14 and their read a comic CSP to write about comics and I think that's
1:17 particularly astonishing because there is no chapter in here
1:20 about poets and I don't know if you ever with the exception of science fiction
1:24 perhaps animation there is no
1:26 field in which more has been most smart successful recently
1:29 that poetry there's no contemporary composition another field in which many
1:33 Mormons have been extremely
1:34 successful but comics now sadly when
1:38 the book went to press must the orchestrations did not make it into the
1:42 book
1:42 with the exception of one that was stuck in a rut article sell beef
1:46 it's an introduction to the history of Mormons in comics
1:49 I am show you so negotiations the den make it into that spot
1:53 first this one you can see John hell
1:56 some credited with inventing the flapper fellow from Salt Lake City
2:01 wanted that New Yorkers first cartoonists here we see
2:06 Floyd Gottfredson who works on
2:09 Mickey Mouse's newspaper comics for a troll shop
2:13 ask 50 so years and his version a mickey it's
2:18 has a lot of a lot snap shall we say
2:22 registrado course great Silver Age comics artist
2:27 who wasn't just you know the inventor
2:31 Power Girl and this and that and the other but he also in mainstream comics
2:36 published by DC their popular
2:38 war and party series included stories about
2:42 the morning but I am and carrots which is what we see here
2:45 pretty pretty stellar and here's a better
2:49 something from Galen Tara who this is that this is an excerpt from what spot
2:53 bus incensed down she since gone on and just wanted you to a couple weeks ago
2:58 for art and just fine
3:01 here's a comment this post by the Church in the days when
3:04 really saved up enough to live into what I can be released say to you
3:08 yes you can read a comic book this is not
3:11 part up my article but I want to show you this because
3:15 this is a comic it was published by SF Weekly the all weekly here in sepsis
3:20 kept I'm actually
3:21 and across the bay near Berkeley because I didn't get on an airplane
3:25 I think I mention that but I like this one because my gosh
3:30 SF Weekly will publish stuff I and about Mormons
3:33 and you know what mormon comics it really rocked
3:36 that I admit that has nothing to do with anything a better person could make it
3:40 better than
3:40 I wanna pas now because the history of what Mormons
3:45 how then in comics is perhaps more I can see this amp brand and color
3:50 then anything else so go ahead and possibly at this point
3:55 mike is going to talk about debriefed the representation Martin's
3:59 over the years in comics special European Cups I think it's awesome
4:02 inside look into this
4:03 and when you press and play I'll be right here
4:08 so the sandstone comics issue
4:14 a huge success look at art work on the project
4:17 this is for a comic strip it never happened artists out a little
4:21 had done with Chris Heimerdinger
4:24 I it's cracked South here today you can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe
4:28 that the comic never actually happened
4:30 but which is okay because that means we got to use the art on the cover
4:34 our magazines Sao its perhaps best known for working on
4:39 DUP phantom air defense of course is a super hit and run a very very long time
4:45 is still immensely popular not so much in the states as abroad but
4:49 you know cells were gets around South also I kids kids
4:52 he's been working for a long time since the eighties and all sorts of different
4:54 things including
4:55 well I think it's the most in same thing ever and I was hoping to talk to me in
5:00 person about this but
5:02 I think I mention that I missed my flight look at this
5:05 comic strips based on wait for it
5:10 and HL mascots
5:13 professional hockey team mascots as superheroes
5:16 South a few days he did the Ranger that senator
5:20 the Red Queen that Cain
5:23 course other things out that back in the old days workers in the power-packed a
5:28 the marble comics
5:31 Newton team which like people rumor our morning because
5:36 County work you a t-shirt or something I've never actually seen that image by
5:39 some that such a I have seen it but I can't find it now
5:43 but what certainly choose the model has published more min here's
5:47 if you remember a few years back when and dis
5:51 in the Marvel Universe security it should be set up in every state
5:54 its mention that there's a good mornin superheroes in Utah
5:58 we've never seen them Marvel Comics which i think is a shame
6:02 course model that have another superheroes character
6:05 couple tickets before that and doctor deseret what you've never heard
6:08 doctor deseret but they never really came through this morning secures a new
6:12 topic
6:13 which inspired local kid local for you not for me
6:17 because I'm 9 Sep said ult Lake city today
6:21 Chris of men who's not I'm on himself but we made a comic about someone and
6:26 superheroes been in space in Salt Lake City
6:28 I was really looking forward to coming to comic-con finally running down to
6:31 copy the same
6:34 but I think you know I that's our aunts return to homes a college me to get back
6:38 to Mike Allred
6:39 who is the reason I originally contacted Sun stone in the first place
6:44 Mike and he is mad Men comics is created this bizarro
6:48 mormon Wonderland I mean look at this image but it's a mystery
6:52 imagine anything more wonderful anything more more and anything
6:55 absolutely more comic E and just crazy
6:59 my car it's great course these days he's
7:02 working on Fantastic Four it's important
7:05 this is good and actually consider this look at those colors his wife Laura
7:10 is many consider the most unfortunate
7:14 influential callers for generation she might work also everything together
7:20 he is brother Louie has been with them
7:23 %uh working on this project last sure so I P the exact details he recently did I
7:27 lobby before that but madman's work. that
7:30 matters were attacked go out in the form the week if you've never a bad
7:33 I some back issues make it happen if you remember Mike from the news a
7:38 I guess this is a decade ago now he was in the news because he quit ecstatic
7:42 send
7:42 other Marvel projects is working on and went off to just make a book a Mormon
7:46 comic
7:48 he got three issues that are three volumes I suppose it be four
7:52 he call that postpone for
7:55 again ten years but the idea before a consonant
7:59 went on for a long time I mean john told I'll be was publishing
8:02 bettman comics desert news like 10 years back in the fifties
8:05 and it seems like every Renaissance among comics
8:09 Houston people park officer to out right now to quite interesting the first
8:13 is I plates by Stephen Carr he does the words and chat with who is the
8:18 artist I picked this image because
8:21 a bit I that's a bit and I right there talking Aquino a
8:24 the thing I admire most about I plates is it Midrash
8:28 elements if you will were it takes care to sleep and I think
8:31 doesn't really make a lot of sense look orange he preaches
8:34 get kicked out he comes in this guy says hi I'm gonna die
8:37 and then gets killed right and it just as a character
8:41 I'm not talking about yeah the spiritual value him
8:44 but it scares you doesn't make a lot of sets but fiction can provide that
8:47 and the I placed a great job question not character
8:50 get on that's coming out right now and it's just a cup polishes and its
8:54 can t seem to judge what's going to go it's a cute animal version to bookmark
8:58 and that's the place in the top
9:00 the frog is Jeremiah the but scary looking guys lehman
9:04 its thing about Lehman you can tell your in the hands
9:08 a son who's going to make it interesting bookmark fiction it do something
9:11 interesting the claimant
9:12 the I was not interested in making lehman likable
9:16 or interesting he needed me unit Lehman and his personal history to get bad guy
9:19 and that's what you get
9:21 but that doesn't that doesn't cut it fiction one thing that a book or come
9:24 can do it springs catchers like
9:26 s about my comics look at the same doc this is Tyler Kirkham
9:30 he is here a pic on asking missus but also that these local so probably not
9:35 he we publish them just as he was signing with DC an exclusive contract
9:39 between
9:40 condoning impressed me more this is the angle between published
9:43 he's since gone on to work on I Green Lantern and various other fans
9:48 this next images any reader happy he would not be terribly happy with me
9:53 bench internal a smart cards custom
9:56 she doesn't like it when a chef Martin what I find her personal and
9:59 professional history
10:00 really interesting she started with it romantic manga asked sorry comic
10:04 what she saw her finish better recognition lots of fans has gone on to
10:08 work I'm really weird stuff such as
10:10 up you know that the Vertigo serious matters that i do.
10:14 I just I just love the stuff that she does and another DC artist
10:17 is Eaton Vance Khyber he's a very trust our cities he was put in charge
10:22 developing the new
10:24 Lantern Corps and singing and so forth I
10:27 he couldn't work on some some pain because he was under exclusive contract
10:31 he got it started exploding proxy just
10:33 it just never know where life will take you but and a reminder bills on my own
10:37 nerdy tendencies as it goes
10:41 Eaton's great but my favorite bands Kabir brother it's no advance geiger
10:46 here you see here's rendition editors a story which is a couple
10:50 and chapters and so far they've been published in his personal comp plan on
10:54 awesome sunset
10:55 and they're really great and they're really interesting take
11:00 but for my money the best comic I think I read in
11:03 it probably two years or so is no advance kuypers
11:07 hyper which is about the young Abraham Lincoln shortly after he comes to
11:10 Springfield
11:11 Springfield is dirty he has happy times he has sad times
11:15 it's about Lincoln's dealings with
11:19 signon being depressed he added you now
11:23 things were always great for he was not always the great American hero
11:27 other indie comic artist i think is keep an eye on our player stare at you
11:31 graduate of the remark starting school but now it is better known first
11:34 putting really weird movies on the big-screen
11:38 there in Salt Lake are FC here in salt lake but
11:42 sadly I'm not with you bursar come up
11:45 also any current I guess that's great I love any stuff and
11:50 she's the only artist I'm mentioning as far as I know
11:53 who has worked in the permanent collection at New York's MoMA
11:58 keep that in mind the says she misses you working on her public comments which
12:01 are just
12:03 insanely cute I honestly there
12:06 there they're really cute and may be able to keep my test
12:11 let's go to the web showing I'll one artist
12:14 are actually stuart is this but who worked for us with the fellas who do
12:17 rocket road trip dot com aidid
12:21 for panel comics com arms and monsters
12:24 they were pretty funny we'll get back to that title a second
12:28 there rocking her trip is about a monster
12:31 professional Monster Hunter killer guy
12:36 a naturally his son ex-friend at the sake which little awkward but snap
12:41 it's good stuff it's good stuff cook
12:45 that the reason why the title at their stress that the divers and some are
12:48 wants a Masters is fine
12:49 is because shortly after that the press my way Morse to do an anthology called
12:53 what monsters and more that's what you were trying to get a few not
12:57 gotten this book you must get if I had known that I was going to be a comic-con
13:03 wait a sec if I had known that
13:06 if I were yeah if I know not with an advance notice that can be called
13:11 and that actually come to Comicon we really what about a bit because
13:14 you guys need to see monsters apartments its
13:17 I in an apology and includes two cocks the first by Steve Morison
13:22 to my spices parvin the one that is angered the most people like which I
13:26 really did not seek any
13:27 I mean you make an anthology called monsters and Mormons you're gonna run
13:30 possible others but not expect steve more sense
13:33 story morning call and upset people so badly in it
13:36 Jenna Smith makes a column an importer rockwell
13:39 support iraq was a column in a story he of course is
13:44 meant to protect the Saints ON governor box here
13:47 issues extermination order all mormons must be kept at a Missouri or killed
13:52 well call on gets to work it's terrific story
13:56 I like it a lot you should you should find it
14:00 the other comics very well as by Gail entire mention earlier just
14:04 and her first you go and was written by John army a friend of hers
14:09 this one takes place in a steampunk alternate history world
14:13 the nation deseret run by Joseph Smith who was not kill the Carthage
14:17 he said ans harass mass this fellow with four wives
14:21 I each have a different race and they they're going to Japan
14:24 to you see you open up negotiations nation a death threat
14:29 and and the show then search and a crime to get together it's not go well as you
14:32 can see
14:33 when you're attacked by ninja monkeys you know you're in trouble
14:37 they eventually end up fighting zombies in the climax in the book
14:40 is not blood-splattered Latin this you've read
14:45 in a while and it is really fantastic and it ends at the sort of I'm
14:49 unsettling suggestion on what it might mean to be part of a hierarchical
14:55 society
14:56 answer because my mind that this is the this is not the one that that angers
14:59 people it's it's St Martin's College
15:01 bit better upsets people just in never can predict these things can
15:05 it back to web comics I you're probably familiar with
15:09 super cell inspectors on it's a good one
15:12 it's a family comedy Mormon family dad always worse puede
15:16 brother secretly super your sisters secretly a supervillain they don't
15:19 realize their arch enemies
15:21 the the whole super European isn't very doesn't quite frequently
15:25 and be web version of the story it's down just her
15:29 family kayak however he too has release comic books
15:32 which focus on that relationship there are other people affection as an example
15:36 who are doing specifically Mark are a certain number of them they vary a lot
15:39 of quality
15:40 he's one of my paper authors i spose in this sense
15:44 up this is a great strip very
15:48 not not well known at all drink water and tailored I think it's really funny
15:51 there
15:51 artist Jacobs cute something to check out a copy purcell
15:56 it's down a couple really long form contracts a minute ago has 10 supreme
16:00 manga romances stuff
16:05 lick Perkins better-known locally your local not mine
16:09 I believe you actually are going papers are right anywhere he personally in the
16:12 newspapers
16:13 and he has cooties online but of course that we're talking a web comics
16:17 and if we're talking about more minutes the person we have to talk about is how
16:20 r Taylor
16:21 we have to talk about schlock mercenary if I were there percent said the video
16:25 to your playlist and say this is probably why I would have to pause for
16:28 people say a
16:30 but I'm not there and the video rolls on
16:33 this is his first rap this is one for the past week
16:37 you compare them I admire Howard so much besides the fact that he's been doing
16:41 this over 10 years he has not missed a single day
16:44 he has been working on his craft and you know he has a stock you goes to prove it
16:49 he's pretty impressive is also want a featured guest said this
16:54 special guests whatever they're called at comic-con this week he shared run by
16:58 his table and say how did you
17:00 giving my best since I will not be able to myself sense I am an idiot and
17:04 despair client right
17:05 forgive me if i am. seem focused something I'm not ask if you're pretty
17:09 I'm asking for your spite
17:10 and I encourage you to send angry emails on my inability to capture
17:13 I'm next artist also progress numbers web stuff this is
17:17 a in a picture and he made for the sense an article he also doesn't for the
17:20 friend the church's
17:21 magazine for charter this is from his
17:25 here's up online Web strip laugh-out-loud cats which I highly
17:29 recommend his
17:30 may be best known for their has the latest geofeed I
17:33 a plaid or kids t-shirts
17:37 at the other monarchs we can absolutely not forget of course is Ryan Ottley has
17:41 been working on invincible for a while now string2
17:44 blood splatter fun fast you look at this one have
17:47 spider-man venom Utley has GE
17:50 capacity for unpleasantness
17:54 other mcfarlane but he's funny see up comics we have sex and violence like
17:58 we've always had it
17:59 but it's also kinda hilarious I mean see bearing group apparently shark
18:04 if you've not read this it is just so gory
18:08 and really funny balanced canewell Sat is what he is all about
18:14 recently I just a few months ago in the ribbons were handed out
18:17 brian Kinney crane received one bank rate of course
18:21 creator pickles find most popular comic strips for almost 20 years now
18:25 great stripped other mormon
18:28 found strip is travel which percent not respond out that just keeps plodding
18:32 along
18:33 here's another one gotta get your panel comics in the newspaper
18:38 and but that's what I want to talk about friend I mention the friend second-guess
18:42 a plaid use
18:43 is palaces and a friend Sal has published in the friend
18:46 and however made to cover this also the doctor to friends pratt's here you may
18:51 remember right here if you're
18:53 my age or older as the delegates I per back in the 90s
18:56 Cyprus on comics like same bone that was proving that indie comics were going to
19:01 be something new and interesting comments were changing the direction is
19:04 moving
19:04 Saxons will remember to some its peers from that era
19:07 but it's a real awareness holds up
19:11 it's worth checking out you can fight nowadays brad is working on a
19:13 subterranean
19:14 a comic strip are a comic book that he's released on Kindle on up through other
19:18 electronic
19:19 means hits in his classic scratchboard style to
19:23 super your pain it's worth checking out and one more friend are so what about
19:26 its
19:27 Shana many Kawasaki if you're if you grow up like me
19:31 with a friend China many Kawasaki heard Ryan's look like your child
19:35 because she defined childhood I think for probably trigger generations a
19:39 monster
19:40 the in i watchin know about Shana money Kawasaki
19:44 is that she's not just come on let's she's always cute that never stops
19:47 but about ten years ago she had a show at it the problem is am
19:52 it was amazing it was just as cute as in class she did but it was monsters and
19:56 they're also for find it disgusting and stirring
19:59 she's awesome I wish we would see more 10 but for cats before its last are
20:04 sought a crop
20:05 repulse our bench came out a few years ago Shana Shannon Hale
20:08 and her has been really bad ion chief courses
20:12 the author of the book that Auslan is based on it ended up inspiring a sequel
20:17 and they are artist Nate and hell no relation has gone on to a series of
20:20 books about weird gains in American history like
20:23 of things really like the Donner Party this particular one I chose because it's
20:26 about a felony Nathan Hale
20:27 his namesake male to Canada now
20:31 so wonderful anyway last are somewhat talk about
20:34 this panel is from sandstone you remember the story of course up boy
20:38 walking down the beach
20:39 trying their starfish back home and said what are you doing that you can
20:43 miles the beach other surface can possibly make a difference is it makes a
20:47 difference to dissuade
20:49 and throws him into the ocean Jake recreate that
20:52 as you can see here but young man don't you realize that there are miles and
20:57 miles a moon and there's
20:58 astronauts all over it but a little Aaron keeps throwing the astronauts
21:01 backed earth
21:02 it makes a difference if this one it is very very funny
21:06 I only Eve no I take that back I was going to say that he threw up on my tits
21:10 not anymore
21:11 its and a collection though and her boy and other stories
21:14 worth your time a check might be best known from the house which is published
21:18 by Scholastic
21:19 and for reasons I cannot understand did not become a massive breakthrough hit
21:24 but I will tell you this I'm absolutely convinced that the next massive break
21:28 circuit you hear about
21:30 it's going to be space cop recently renamed skoal chaser
21:33 Jake does not make it out besides a few sketches this character yet but I've
21:36 never seen a character attract as much attention
21:39 as this kid it's the skull chaser fellow
21:43 I don't know much about him other than he looks awesome in that every artist
21:46 the season wants you six or seven persons at the router
21:49 watch for Jake Parker scored chasers been expecting I'm very confident this
21:54 and not just among college but in comics
21:57 texted her back there am which is why I'm letting him be the one to write
22:01 be and now if gods are smiling upon us
22:05 I will be able to speak with you magically through the wires if you have
22:09 any questions
22:10 Micah course is also able to take questions and I'm comments complaints
22:15 things I obviously left out that upset you terribly
22:18 got

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