Introducing Byuck

(officially this time)


Byuck is finally, publicly, unequivocally available.

December 4, 2012. Write it down. It finally happened.

Strange Violin Editions is offering Byuck for sale.

It's strange to realize that after years of people talking about it, people will finally get to Read That Book Theric Wrote What's It Called I Heard It's Funny.

I'll be writing more posts about the novel in the coming days and weeks as I share information (eg what it's like to work with Matt Page) or announcements (of which many remain to be made---at present, the book is only available as a download from Smashwords, but it will soon be available electronically and in print from all venues).

I'll explain the Twitter feed and point you in the direction of the Facebook page and talk about how my book fits in with Stange Violin's catalogue.

But for now, simply, Byuck.