The author reads Byuck again
like a dog to his vomit
only hilarious


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070) Byuck by Theric Jepson, finished November 17

Working on another rewrite of Byuck after all this time has been a strange experience. On the one hand, all those people who think the book is too crazy to sell? I understand them. All the people still praising the book's comic brilliance? They ain't wrong.

The person who wrote Byuck had a comedic genius I have since methodically stomped out in a quest for Seriousness. So much boldness here. So much daring.

So much wordplay.

I'm impressed with what I once did and one of my big goals with this rewrite was to not mess anything up.

I think I've succeeded.

But only because of the people who read it before and whose passion for the book---and specific lines---has helped me stick to the special brand of fun Available Nowhere Else.

Coming soon!
far too long

Note: I'll undoubtedly read through the novel again before it hits shelves, but I haven't decided whether or not I'll post it in my books-read list again.

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