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I appreciate horror but partake of it so rarely that I make an effort to read some every Halloween. Like last year, I got off to a late start, but here's what I read:


069) Pork Pie Hat by Peter Straub, finished November 16

I picked this book up from the school library and it sat in my bag for a few weeks while I read my ultimately disappointing choice for Halloween Book of the Year (see below). It's by the author of last year's Halloween book, which I had also been a bit underwhelmed by. But this was a nice bite-sized novella and heck, there it was in my bag, so I gave it a shot.

Pork Pie Hat is an old jazz musician our narrator interviewed years ago as a grad student. The novella consists of a previously unpublished story about Hat and Halloween, specifically, why he never leaves his room on Halloween.

The story is pretty realistic and believable which is hard to do when you eschew supernaturalism and still need a person permanently changed, but Straub pulls it off. The questions the narrator asks at the end (and the answers he hints at) both enhance the mystery of Hat's tale without being foolish enough to provide authoritarian answers. It lets coincidences remain coincidences without denying their explanative powers.

In short, it's an excellent Halloween read. Friendly to the curse-averse (one in the entire book and that to explain why there are no others) and the gore-averse (it's mostly offstage or barely described). Plus, it's about two boys wearing ghost-sheets and experiencing horror. And isn't that what Halloween's all about?
two or three days


068) Off Season ("The Author's Uncut, Uncensored Version!") by Jack Ketchum, finished November 14

So apparently this novel is famous in horror circles for being terrifying, grody to the max, and CENSORED.

I picked this paperback up at a dollar store the same time I bought Stephen King's terrific nonhorror novel The Colorado Kid, in large measure because of the King blurb on the cover: "IF YOU READ OFF SEASON ON THANKSGIVING, YOU PROBABLY WON'T SLEEP UNTIL CHRISTMAS." The reason three years passed between reading Colorado Kid and Off Season? I believe my Uncle Stevie.

But, yeah, I should be sleeping fine.

When I started reading the book, I wondered if this UNCUT, UNCENSORED version maybe put back in all the tedious time-waste of scene-setting and character-development and other plodding, boring, poorly written crap that made up the first half of the book. Even the characters I got to know, I never really got to like them (except the sheriff, I guess). And so it's Night of the Living Dead ending fell flat for me (although, worth remembering, NotLD also fell flat for me.) When I arrived at the afterword and learned that, in fact, the similar ending was intentional, I was pleased with myself for noticing the reference. That was probably the best part of the book.

The novel is a Sawney Bean story set on the Maine coast, and the inbred cannibals are genuinely awful, but they're so awful that I found them hard to ever really believe. So while Ketchum's inflinching staring at their abominable acts certainly got under my skin, I never cared and so I was never scared.

The 2006 reprint comes with a related short story, fwiw. I can see why the book was controversial when it was released (absurdly graphic sex! and violence! and cannibalism!), but I don't get why it's still remembered.
about three weeks

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