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051) The Zabîme Sisters by Aristophane, finished September 20

I picked this book up at the library assuming it was a comics adaptation of an Aristophanes play I'd never heard of before. Not so. Aristophane is a Caribbean/French comics creator who died only a year older than I am now.

Here is the first page:

At first I was uncertain but by the end, I had grown to love his brushstrokes and the understated storytelling. I liked it, in other words, much better than Kampung Boy which in its attempt to cover more territory actually tells us less.
three days over more than a month


050) Little Death by Thomas Kriebaum, finished September 16

(Note first that this book was sent to me gratis from the publisher; I was confused when an unmarked package with British stamps arrived in the mail.)

This comic is written by an Austrian, but questions of translation hardly matter since the book is nearly word-free. But other questions remain. Like: Was this originally published serially? Which is an important question as complaints of repetitiveness don't come up when you get one chapter every six weeks. Rather than on the very next page.

After I finished it, Lady Steed picked it up. And besides the above complaint (in the form of "it went on a little long"), she liked Little Death---she laughed more in any given chapter than I did in the entire book.

I found the book tonally troubled. Is it supposed to be funny? What kind of funny? I suppose it's supposed to be ironic, but I couldn't quite get a grasp on what it was being ironic about. This mini Grim Reaper---is he a sadist? Sometimes it seems like it, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes people are horrified to see Death, sometimes delighted. But who feels which way is chaotic. And does Death care who he kills? Or does it just need to be someone? Is he just doing his job or does he totally dig this gig?

I don't have answers to any of these questions and that made the book hard for me to enjoy. People who expect less from comics will probably enjoy it more.

Nice Charlie Brown, though.

The following images were taken from the artist's webpage. They give a good sense of what the book's about and whether you'll be interested.

not long


049) God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut, finished September 11

I'm a but late this year on my every-summer Vonnegut, but I've finally read God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. It's been high on my list because most years I teach Slaughterhouse-Five, and Rosewater makes a cameo in that novel.

But he's hardly the only connection. Besides him, we have Kilgore Trout (and the book Farmer wrote, which has no relation to Sh5, but fascinates me all the same since I've been trying to finish that piece of trash for nearly five years), the firebombing of Dresden, poo-tee-weet, Rumfoord, Tralfamadorians (and in a manner that makes Billy seem perhaps crazy after all), and more and more and more. Holy crap it should be required reading for all kids reading Sh5. I'm a fool for never reading it before.

Besides the connections, it's just a great book. It's Vonnegut grounded in the real world. By which I mean no aliens or timequakes or ice-nine.

And I just enjoyed it ever so much. I do like me some Vonnegut.
about three weeks

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