Back from "The Dead"


Thanks to GoDaddy's miserable communications with consumers and utter disinterest in solving problems of its own creation, Thmazing.com was down for just a couple days shy of a month. Yesterday, Recession Cone, who was hit with a similar (though not as severe) GoDaddy-inflicted blow, called me up and talked me through repairs. It was frustrating and more difficult than it should have been but it's working again. For a while. The site is very 2008 in appearance anyway and I've been thinking I need to repair it, but this fix will work until GoDaddy screws everything up again. But for today we live!

Anyway, to celebrate Thmazing.com's return from the dead, I'm posting a story from my undergrad days, based on Joyce's classic novella. Now that Joyce himself has been dead sufficiently long, I can share this without his notoriously sue-happy decendents coming after me.

Please enjoy "The Dead"-----

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