Windmills: the bones issue


Saturday, I received my copy of the ninth edition of Windwmills, a lit mag published by Deakin University in Australia. Inside this small 20-page zine is my short "Swallowing Bones," an oddball piece about a seagull who thinks he's a human who thinks he's a seagul which I thought was too wacky to ever fit in anywhere. So I was delighted when Windmills accepted it.

The zine is mostly poetry, with a few pieces of fiction (mine being the shortest). My favorite pieces include the two poems by William Doreski which I am rather gaga over. I don't know if he intended "My Books Won't Stay Shelved" as surrealism, but I think it captured the logic of my own dreams better than any actual capital-s Surrealism I've ever read.

Anyway, included in my envelope was an invitation to submit again on the theme dance. The deadline is September first, but I happen to have something about dancing monkey sitting around. I think maybe I'll see what they think.

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