In the past, this would be the week I became a widower


Today Lady Steed had the opportunity to go get some morphine and some laproscopy. And now she's one appendix lighter.

Remarkable isn't it? That a death sentence not so many generations ago is as routine as pie?

So routine that I'm having a difficult time being as grateful as I ought to be.

But if my heart and mind are slow to realize how lucky I am, rest assured that the rest of me knows, the rest of me knows.


  1. I'm so glad she is okay. How frightening that must have been. And how lucky we all are!

  2. Best wishes to Lady Steed for a quick, easy recovery.

  3. Life is so surprising sometimes! Best wishes to Lady Steed, I'm glad she's ok!

  4. I'm glad she's OK too!

    After my second child, my step-grandpa (an old country doctor) remarked laconically: Well, 50 years ago you both would have been dead. I think that was supposed to be 'congratulations'

  5. Very, very glad you are not a widower! I would have been a widow by the same thing 6 years ago...guess it runs in the fam? Get better soon LS!!

  6. .

    Lady Steed and I completely and utterly failed to think of that when we were asked about family history.