The Big O's baptism


The Big O was baptized yesterday. He took it very seriously. And I am left humbled before the holiness of God.

I don't know how to be eloquent on this subject.

I will just say this is right and this is good.

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  1. Amen. So say we all.

  2. We wish we could have been there. He is a great example to his brothers and cousins.

  3. Sometimes that's all you can say :) I've had 2 baptised so far... and we'll be doing another baptism this year, in springtime. I admit I feel humbled and intimidated leading up to baptism, especially... how do I make sure i've taught them enough that they know the step they're taking and are ready for it? ANd yet, there's a discernible difference in my kids after the fact. I guess the spirit is marvelous... makes up for my inadequacies as a teacher, sometimes.

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    That way faith lies.