A [presumably] Mormon Writer for the Winter Solstice


I was just at a friend's house for a solstice meal and was thumbing through her new issue of Dialogue and saw a short story from a writer I am not familiar with. The bio suggested she is English (gasp! a Mormon writer who isn't an American! take a cutting! maybe we can grow more!) and I came straight home to read the story only learn that my online subscription has lapsed. Curses.

Instead I ran down her blog and found the list of her publications and read a few of them. Curiously, my favorite begins with the line, "It was Winter Solstice in the North Country and a day as dark as the inside of an eyelid had imperceptibly stretched into night."

Winter Solstice!

It's a good story.

I wasn't as taken with all the stories I read, but so it goes. "The Ice Baby" is good though. Read it for the solstice. (Be warned, however, that the site's formatting is rather annoying.) Then come back and tell me what you think about the ending.

Free Bonus: hear her voice here.


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    <a href="http://postnatalconfession.blogspot.com/2011/11/do-i-dare-disturb-universe.html>Update:</a> she would certainly consider herself formerly Mormon.

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    Let's try that again.


    Update: she would certainly consider herself formerly Mormon.