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I have fallen in love with Spotify these past few months. Partly because I finally have an affordable way to stay up with new music. To that end, I have a list I keep called "2011 Albums I Like"; some albums have been added later to be kicked off, some are albums I like enough I owned them before I got Spotify, some of the albums on this list are still in danger of getting kicked off, some albums may get added to the 2011 list in years to come. Below is the list of albums, sometimes with comments. Albums that have not yet earned their place on this list and that may yet be kicked off are signified with an *.

They Might Be Giants
---->Join Us (Spotify) (Amazon)
---->Album Raises New and Troubling Questions (Spotify) (Amazon)
Any new TMBG album is reason to pay attention, but a new album and a new "album" (like untoish Severe Tire Damage)? A very good year indeed. With lots of great, classic TMBG material on both
The Dø
---->Both Ways Open Jaws (Spotify) (Amazon)
Some new Europop with a new sensibility to match.
---->C'mon (Spotify) (Amazon)
I really just discovered Low this year (though I've known of them for some time). You can read about initial impressions here, but I have really come to love this album.
Florence + The Machine
---->Ceremonials (Spotify) (Amazon)

Tegan And Sara
---->Get Along (Spotify) (Amazon)

Barnaby Bright
---->Gravity* (Spotify) (Amazon)

Jeff Bridges
---->Jeff Bridges (Spotify) (Amazon)
Unquestionably my favorite new country music of the year. Who would have guessed?
The Decemberists
---->The King Is Dead (Spotify) (Amazon)
Anyone arguing that this is the best album of the year I'm willing to listen to.
PJ Harvey
---->Let England Shake (Spotify) (Amazon)
I still haven't gotten over the weirdness of this album.
Julianna Barwick
---->The Magic Place (Spotify) (Amazon)

---->Metals (Spotify) (Amazon)

Dad Rocks!
---->Mount Modern* (Spotify) (Amazon)
I really can't decide if I like his hyperironic rock music for parents or not.....
---->Muppets: The Green Album (Spotify) (Amazon)
---->Rave on Buddy Holly* (Spotify) (Amazon)
Not all the tracks are equally great, but listen to The Green Album. Honestly, the OK Go version of the "Muppet Show"'s theme song is now the one I play in my internal jukebox.
Tori Amos
----Night of Hunters (Spotify) (Amazon)
Both the regular and instrumental versions.
Dan Mangan
---->Oh Fortune* (Spotify) (Amazon)
I'm a big fan of an EP of his, but I haven't really listened to this album yet.
Dia Frampton
---->Red* (Spotify) (Amazon)

Meg & Dia
---->Cocoon* (Spotify) (Amazon)
Apparently Dia did well on one of those tv singing-contest shows. I can't decide if I like either her album or the one with her sister yet. They're nice, but kind of poppy and packaged. Time will tell.
---->The Rip Tide* (Spotify) (Amazon)
Considering how long I've been listening to this ablum, I'm not sure what to make of the fact that I'm still *ing it.
Amy LaVere
---->Stranger Me (Spotify) (Amazon)
My choice for best album of 2011. Terrific stuff.
Arcade Fire
---->The Suburbs (Spotify) (Amazon)
Took me a while to warm up to it, but really, it is as good as critics say.
---->W H O K I L L (Spotify) (Amazon)
Weirdest good album of the year.
The Civil Wars
---->Barton Hollow (Spotify) (Amazon)
Haven't actually listened to this yet---I only thought to add it to the list today---but I have heard several tracks which were good if over mellow. I'm excited to give it some turns, though.
Pistol Annies
---->Hell on Heels* (Spotify) (Amazon)
Just added (I'm giving it a first listen now, as I type). Not sure what I think yet. (This is not the only album on this list thanks to NPR.)


Something you may notice is that this list is, really, rather short. So yes: I am open to your suggestions. Please dish.

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