The fiction of Irreantum 13.1
(in brief)


Karen Rosenbaum "Aunt Charlotte's Secrets"
A dying woman, her husband, her beloved niece --- three lapsed Mormons --- in a concise story, constrained by one apartment, one afternoon.

I love how small everything is in this story about a topic so large as what is life, what is death, what is meaning.

Josh Allen "Conceiving God"
As James Goldberg pointed out, the only Mormon "character" in this story is the Boise Temple. Which I admit rather threw me. But the story is beautiful and surprising and ends with an act of sex that has religious symbolism, almost as if Allen wrote the story hoping I would write about it.

Courtney Miller Santo "Flight"
I agree so completely with Wm on this story, that I'm just going to quote him:
I love that it’s an old couple and how their oldness and their coupleness plays out and how real, yet unique, yet fictional it seems. I enjoyed the background presence of the mommy blogger daughter (although it’s maybe a little too hammered home in the end). The imagery with the hummingbirds somehow feels like it’s adding to the whole mix without screaming allegory.

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