Minireview of the fiction in Sunstone 161


Note: I've decided to attempt brief reviews of more LDS short fiction besides just what appears in Irreantum. This means I am going to make a greater effort to use the mormon arts tag, making it easier for anyone to peruse these posts.


"Angina" by Heather Walker Jones

    A woman tries to reconnect with her ex-husband, now a widower, after hearing he has been released as bishop.
    The climax is thrilling and moves breakneck as our heroine makes her attempt. However, I found the pages before and after to be clunky and difficult to believe. Plus, little illogical phrases here and there make it hard for me accept the story. I'm not good at overlooking little errors.
    (It wasn't helped, though, that it shares many similarities with a novel I'm reading now because the novel is just much better.)
    I find the story as an object though to be a very curious thing indeed. The way it plays with numerous Mormon tropes has potential. I think with a major redrafting and lots of nitpicking it could really be something. Ah well.

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