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A few Books at a Time in 2011 (6-7)



    That post was really four posts. One on a couple Batman books I read. One post on a significant book from my childhood. One post on my literary relationship with Stephen Crane. One post on a host new YA book. And combining those posts into a single too-long monstrosity meant that this blog's constant desire --- to engender conversation --- was diluted and lost.
    From now on, I will be posting books not in sets of five, but at natural breaks.
    The essential rules remain unchanged.
    Today, a couple of comic books:


007) Knightfall Part Two: Who Rules the Night by a slew of DC folk, finished January 23

Uneven. At times rather thrilling, other times fully dull. Nice use of the Scarecrow though. Didn't really live up to its promise. So while I guess it was ultimately good, I was also ultimately disappointed. Maybe I should have found volume one? Maybe I should now read volume three? I dunno. I'm not thrilled enough to follow up.

a week or two


006) Bayou by Jeremy Love, finished January 17

Read my review here.

several days

Previously in 2011 . . . . :

005) Mr. Monster by Dan Wells, finished January 10
004) The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, finished January 6
003) The Mystery of the Dinosaur Graveyard by Mary Adrian, finished January 5
002) Batman - Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham by John Wagner and Alan Grant and Simon Bisley, with lettering by the famous Todd Klein; finished January 4
001) Batman: Venom by Dennis O'Neil et al, finished January 2


  1. Are you saying you didn't read Part One? of Knightfall-(should've) and even though I like all three a lot, I would still say HUSH is better.

  2. .

    Hush was okay. And yes, I haven't read parts one or three of Knigthfall so my opinion could be a little unfair.

  3. Reading your link-and I blessedly don't remember the flying dog. I haven't read HUSH since 2007/2008? myself.

  4. .

    I was going to say I didn't like Hush until I reread the post. The book we remember is not always the book we read. (therefore read your scriptures everyday?)