It's not Christmas without obnoxious songs you dearly love!


As per my brother's recent discussion on Christmas music, I thought I would share this little mini-album which has many of the songs he discussed, including the burglar one and the accent one, and one I mentioned in the comments, the hippo one. Underneath it is the Quithmuth song by Mel Blanc.



  1. Hahahaha! I totally forgot about Jingle Cats (or, in this case, dogs)! Oh, man. Were you there that Christmas we got a Jingle Cats tape? Maybe you were on your mission. I remember laughing heartily as Kaysee and Sam (our cats, for anyone who didn't grow up with us) sniffing the stereo's speakers with great curiosity. Hih-larious.

  2. .

    Yeah, Reb got it in Clovis, so it had been around a while. I bet it got redug up not and then though.

  3. What? The Jingle Cats Wikipedia page says that their first album wasn't released until 1993!