Name-the-Costume Contest


For Halloween this year I went as a Name-the-Costume Contest. I intended to have about a thousand more clothespins than I actually ended up with but so what. I had a pen and pieces of paper and people entered the contest. And now, having been through all the entries, I now know what I was for Halloween.

But first! Some of the runners-up!

First, the people who chose names closely associated with the clothespins, such as Clothespin Man! (and Clothesline Man!) Thteed Pin Man! Clothespin Scarecrow! (as well as more than one plain Scarecrow!) The Clothesline Helper! Human Clothesline!

Similar to this category are those that play on the idea of clotheslines or clothespins a bit more indirectly, eg: "Pinned up", Wong Dry Cleaning, A Man Hung Out to Dry, and Husband Who Didn't Do the Laundry He Was Supposed To. Two of these came very close to winning.

Another category of entry I call Animals and Whatsits. Scarecrow fits in here as do Gorilla, Mailman, Lion, and, oh, let's throw Freak in this category as well.

The final category was the tightest competitively and the one from which I ultimately chose the winner. This group was the most metaphorical and includes Fall Leaf, Chip Bag, Fashion Designer on Steroids, and Homespun Rambo. (That last one I ultimately could not choose because as I was putting the pins on, I also thought they looked like ammo belts and so I was worried I would be rewarding the enterer for thinking like I do.)

And the winner?

"Want Ta Be" Xylophone

Thank you, Mr Rooter!

So. Did I make the right choice?



  1. I dunno; I really liked Homespun Rambo and Husband Who Didn't Do the Laundry He Was Supposed To. But you made a good choice, I think.

  2. I have to say, I'd have rolled with Homespun Rambo myself.

  3. I do like the Homespun Rambo. Still, your choice is probably just as good or better.

  4. Name-the-Costume is a pretty awesome Halloween idea, I have to say. I may steal it.
    Imitation is the sincerest form and all that.

  5. .

    For all the fans, know that RC was the one who submitted Rambo.