Billy Corgan Loves Cheesy 80s Pop
(but hey! so do I!)


Smashing Pumpkins has had some great songs and some catchy mediocre songs and some crap songs over the year; the new single (if you're okay with calling the band Smashing Pumpkins) fits in that middle category. But what strikes me as particularly notable is that it quotes Spandau Ballet.

What surprises me is that I can't find anything online about it.

So let me be the first.

Listen to the first little bit of "Freak" (spec. 0:10-14):

Now listen to the main riff in "True" (see for instance 0:11-14):

It's not just me, right?


  1. I see what you're getting at, but methinks the connection is a bit of a stretch. Thanks for making me listen to "True" though. That song rules.

  2. It is similar, but I never would have noticed it.

    The one that's always stuck out to me is Lionel Richie's "Stuck on You" and Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight."

  3. Lionel Richie (start at 0:47):


    Eric Clapton (right at the beginning):


  4. .

    I can't watch youtube at school, so just to comment on whether or not the similarity is enough: I think it has to be. The idea that Billy Corgan did not realize he was directly quoting half of one of the most famous riffs in 20th century pop is unfathomable. I'm pretty sure he's pretty bright.