School lunch


Everyone knows that schools save pennies and screw our kids by calling potato chips a serving of vegetables so they can meet the federal guidelines for a healthy lunch without actually having to prepare anything healthful. But now a new innovation is coming in the further save pennies and screw children.

But first, some good news.

Have you seen the Sun Chips ads for their new compostable bags? Made of corn, they biodegrade in a matter of weeks. The same compostable "plastic" is also appearing in disposable drinking glasses, etc.

Back to the bad news. Sun Chips, delicious as they are, shouldn't be a serving of vegetables. And they haven't been because they cost more than frfrozen french fries. But now with a bag made from corn they count as TWO servings of vegetables and are, thus, a cheaper veggie delivery system.

And if you serve a kid his milk not in a cardboard box but a corn-made cup? Dairy and veggie. Baddabing.

I work in the school and I understand the budget crunch, but this loopholery takes us to a new level of disturbing.

Kids shouldn't be expected to eat the bag.

(And the fact that they just toss their green beans in the trash as well ain't no kind of excuse.)


  1. No WAY! Seriously?!? That is an amazing level of absurdity, even for this state. I don't even know what to say, it's so ridiculous. I mean...seriously?!?

  2. I think you're gotten all post-modern on me...

  3. I heard about that a little while ago and it made me wonder if the shelf life for anything like this would go down big time-thus creating even more GREEN waste.

  4. .

    I'm a little mystified. What's so postmodern about satire. Or the truth for geewhizzery.

  5. I can't believe this! I first thought... he's making this up, it can't be true. Thanks for posting... :)