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Look at these two book-cover images. (There are two because the second image will probably replace the one in the current cover.)

Imagine you're walking through the bookstore or browsing an online bookstore.

What sort of plays do you expect to be inside a book with this cover?

Thanks for your help.



  1. The left-hand cover makes me think of religious content because of the title. Assuming the right-hand cover will be image only, I don't know what I'd think. Could be anything, but I'd expect non-violent content, maybe something more or less spiritual.

  2. I don't like how the text on the first cover overlaps the waterfall. The rest of the design is really elegant, but that bit seems awkward.

  3. 10 commandments
    Israel's Exodus
    Religious plays

  4. I like the one without the words. As in, no words.

    But my design skillz are suspect.

  5. I prefer the picture on the right, and I second Brandon's comment about the text over the waterfall.

    I would expect light dramas/comedies.

  6. Wet ones?

    Um, I guess magical realism springs to mind.

  7. And now that I've read the comments, I am adding another vote for the image on the right. More mysterious, inviting.

  8. I dislike the text overlapping the waterfall.

    Now, to answer the question.

    The word "Mount" in the title immediately brings to mind the Mount of Olives. I expect plays with vaguely religious themes or Mediterranean settings. The image itself makes me think possibly pastoral (I am not entirely certain that is the word I am wanting). Living waters, and all that.

    That is the first impression I get from the cover.

  9. The first one, plays that seal with the sacred, and/or plays from Utah playwrights.
    The second one, plays with wilderness settings, the things above to a much lesser extent, and plays that treat the concept of "the mount" in different ways.

  10. Sorry, that should have said "plays that deal with the sacred." To clarify, I think of Utah only because of a mental association with New Play Project - regardless of how correct that association is.

  11. You know it's interesting that a couple of people like the cover without the text. That's very Factory Records.

    I'm inclined to agree, but that's because I'm a fan of FAC10, etc.

  12. Wm., I don't know what Factory Records is.

    What I do know is that the image (I think) speaks for itself and the title can go on the spine.

    But...I already knew what's inside, so I might not be a good person to ask.

  13. The one of the left makes me think Moses and Biblical plays. The one on the right makes me think Pioneer-era plays - if only because I know that you generally do LDS-specific fictions.

  14. First thought: Edenic plays, religious plays, plays dealing with sacred subjects.

    Second thoughts (straight from my dirty little mind): the mountain in the first image looks like a penis, especially with the river flowing from and the ray of light coming out of the peak. In this reading, "Out of the Mount" carries a heavily suggestive double entendre.

  15. Factory Records was the post-punk record label/situationist art project that put Manchester music on the map. Every project -- from gig posters to albums to the night club they started to Chrismas cards to the coffin their founder Tony Wilson was buried in received a serial number FAC#.

    They had the good fortune in their early days of using the amazing graphic designer Peter Saville. And were notorious for not labeling their album covers (see for example album covers by Joy Division and New Order) -- you saw the cover, you knew that it was the latest from Factory and you bought it. It was meant to be an in-joke, a statement, a piece of art, a resistance to the bloatedness of rock (while creating its own mystery, of course). I'm not saying that it's a good idea here. It's just what that reminded me of.

  16. Both covers make me think of puppet shows, since the stage is so small and enclosed in the picture. The style makes me think they'll be a little abstract and playful. I dislike the "19 from..." text, it doesn't say anything to me and I think it clutters up the cover.

    I agree the mountain on the left is way too phallic, unless you want it to be so.

  17. It looks like an old book, maybe something written in the early 1900's. Unfortunately, I don't think either one would grab my interest if I were browsing in a bookstore. Sorry.

  18. The large OUT makes me think of the double entendre mentioned by Tyler.

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