I feel pretty (oh so pretty)


Here's my secret:

    Never get to bed before midnight. Two o'clock is pretty optimal.

    Forgo meals in order to arrive places on time.

    Shave rarely and erratically.

    Run your hands through your hair constantly.

    Stare incessantly at computer screens.

    Obsessively apply chapstick.

    Rub your eyes red.
That's all there is to it! Now you too can have the gaunt madman look I've been perfecting for years. Just add a shirt and tie and you can pass in society, but your underlying appearance will keep everyone on edge.

Just where you want them.


  1. I do all these things except for the chapstick and tie-if it aint sunday I ain't wearing a tie.

  2. Maybe it's just having read the Twilight discussion at BCC, but...sounds like the results could look kind of vampire-y. I guess that's a good thing?

  3. .

    I'm actually prettier than Edward BECAUSE I WEAR A TIE.

  4. oh so THIS is why i didn't win the pageant...hmmm new strategy for next year!

  5. .

    That could be your ticket.

  6. I don't exactly look like a gaunt madman, but I still do at least three or four of these things.

    I also walk everywhere.

    Stress eat, and then stress clean.

    But then again, I insist on having my outfits--at least during the work week--look impeccably put together. Mostly because I feel as though I'm not.

  7. Whoa--I had no idea I was as close as I am! Just need a little more eye rubbing and some chapstick... Which are the good flavors?

  8. .

    If it matters, you aren't tired enough.

  9. hmmm...but Edward has that sweet pea coat.

  10. .

    I wear yours sometimes.

  11. Gaunt Madman or Modern Day Banker? Is there even a difference?