Award season: The Fob Bible


The Fob Bible

So The Fob Bible is on eligibility lists for the Whitney Awards, which I'm surprised by since I didn't think it qualified, but hey! awesome! prizes!

So. I encourage everyone who likes the ole bible (free samples) to throw it a nomination.

Go here, enter your own info, then paste in this salient information:

    Title: The Fob Bible

    Authors: William C. Bishop, B.G. Christensen, Samantha Larsen Hastings, Sarah Jenkins, Eric W Jepson, Theric Jepson, Ryan McIlvain, Danny Nelson, A. Arwen Taylor

    Publisher: Peculiar Pages



  1. Done and done. Good luck!

  2. Happy to nominate it! It's also on my christmas list so i hope i get it.

  3. What is a Whitney award?

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    It's an award for the best Mormon novels of the year.

    Given that you have to be pretty postmodern to call The Fob Bible a "novel", I didn't expect us to be on the qualifying list. But I'm not about to start complaining.

  5. See, this is where AML has the upper hand, because they can just create awards for any category they like. (It's a bit ad hoc and I'm sure it presents its own set of problems, but it's a definite advantage when working with a small artistic community, where you really don't want to be awarding an anthology / drama / criticism prize every year.)

    Also, "entire" s/b "enter," and Ryan's surname doesn't have an "s" at the end.

  6. Congrats to you FOBs! I'm headed over to add my nomination to the list.

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    [Edit: corrected mistakes as noted by Katya.]

    And I agree about the AML thing. The AML probably will give an award something like that next year as there are at least three serious competitors for the prize. I'll have a post about that too, probably next week.

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    Oh: and since I haven't said thanks in a while,

    Thanks, all!

  9. Congratulations, all though, I must admit, I prefer the "Buggre Alle This" Bible, personally. It's fun to read.

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    But you have to go through so much real Bible to get to that part!

  11. BTW, we'll be entering The Fob Bible in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, too.

  12. Kengo--The Fob Bible is more fun to read. I suggest you buy it, read it, and nominate it--SOON!!!!!

  13. How DO you nominate it? Linky?

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    I didn't want to be the first to say it.