(Going home)


Getting out of this place
going home
shutting down this computer
going home
calling it a day
going home
ready for peace
going home
done done done done done

going home.


  1. This back-breakin', bone-shakin', belly-achin', hard-workin'
    Two more hours to go
    Yes, it's keeping me alive doin' nine to five
    And I ain't got nothin to show
    Pretty soon I'll be leavin'
    With the wages I'm receivin'
    But I know it's gonna be all right
    Come on, babe, and take me away
    We got some money to spend tonight

    Pick me up at the station
    Meet me at the train
    Have a meal and a shower and a change of clothes
    I can't afford a vacation
    But I can take the strain
    Long as I can be with you
    Find a way to burn it as quickly as I earn it

  2. .

    Billy! So good to see you!