Easte Svithe 2009


Segullah keeps stealing my ideas. But in honor of the season, I will not get irate.

    We've decided to do eggs and bunnies on Saturday (to keep them away from Sunday) and so this morning I slipped into the boys' room while Lady Steed was "in the can" to keep them in their room until it was time.

    The Big O asked why.

    So I made up this, that it was representative of Jesus and the Resurrection and because of him we all will. But we have to wait for his say-so.

    You're welcome to use that if you find yourself in an Eastery pinch.

    Every opportunity, parents, is a teaching opportunity.

    Although I'll give you 5:1 he doesn't remember that anymore after the excitement of the egg hunt and 6000ccs of sugar. Alas.

last week's svithe

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