Fading fame


It used to be I could Google my name and get dozens of hits. Now that I've been out of the newspaper business a year, that number is down to four. Apparently no one cares to illegally reproduce the thoughts of the unemployed....


  1. On the bright side, searching thmazing yields ninety-two (92) hits. Tell Lady Steed 'hi' for me.

    (stupidramblings)-(I switched to beta blogger and now my login is not valid for regular blogger.)

  2. If you google my name, you get a picture of me yelling at Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson (who, BTW, I think is a turd). And it's not my proudest moment (even tho' the guy is a turd), so I was glad when it started to go away. Then, Mayor Turd announced that he wasn't running for re-election (and anti-turds like me cheered!) and the turd-lovers at the SLTrib reprinted the picture. So, now it's there again. But it's at the bottom of page two, so I guess it's not so bad.

  3. You google my name and you get some author that I didn't even know existed before. I think she writes about gardening...? Don't quote me on that.

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    Incidentally, once I googled for a friend (in reference to a blog she wrote) (it was Nemesis) and found an author with her same name who had published in what is now my favorite literary mag.

  5. If you google my name, you get


  6. I care.

    Or, if you believe the insane people who catalog all the Star Wars bloopers,

    Hi, Carrie.

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    If you "" it first, I learn that you "will be available for this service May-Aug" and that you're "quite good".

    I also learn that you have "a degree of Fine Arts and Theater Performance with a concentration in dance", which thing I never supposed.