The Path and the Gate fast approaching


This is probably the short-fiction collection of a (MoLit) generation and it's coming out next week, so it you want to preorder and be the first cool kid on your block, now's the time (Bookshop, Amazon).

(Incidentally, speaking of being cool, that image is FoRmatTed FOr PhONes; make it your background.)

If you want merch with that cool image (and honestly, it is a good image; I don't have my copy yet so I can't shout out the designer, but wow), getcher mugs, getcher tshirts (pay the writers).

The podcast blitz has begun and will be ongoing. I'll be appearing with Danny and Steve on the Dialogue Book Report in the near future, but already we have:

Robert, Andrew, and Jenn on The Center's Studio Podcast
Todd, Ryan, and Heidi on The Center's Studio Podcast and
Robert and Andrew on the Signature Books Podcast

I have really mixed feelings about the story I sent in, but hopefully once I have my copy and have read my copy I'll feel better about it. We'll see. It's just weird to---well. I'll wait till people have had a chance to think it over for themselves.

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