The debut of Mormon Socrates



In my ongoing efforts to become selfpromotional, let me here announce the arrival of my first two Mormon Socrates dialogues. More are drafted or planned and may appear in the future. Let’s cross our fingers!

Alas, however, unless you subscribe to Sunstone, I’m not sure how you can read it. They haven’t offered individual paper issues online since 2019. In fact, I had thought the magazine had been phased out, but , the mail today proved that a lie.

Some selfpromotional photos:

The dialogues have been recorded and allegedly are at sunstone.org/mormon-socrates, so keep clicking on that. I’m excited to hear them myself.

I have sort of a mixed relationship with Socrates—I loved Gorgias but after reading several books of The Republic I finally realized that Socrates wasn’t kidding and I just couldn’t take it anymore. It’s been years now since I picked it up. (Although part of this is because it was on my Nook and I’ve given up on ereaders.)

Anyway, in these two dialogues (ABORTIA and TRANSKEPSIS—my naming conventions are not consistent) Mormon Socrates engages with fellow Saints on the topics of abortion and transsexuality. I have more written/planned and I’m hopeful they can also find a home with Sunstone. Perhaps someday I’ll have an entire book!

Anyway, this is my effort at selfpromotion. Sadly, I have no idea how you can get a copy if you’re not already a subscriber. (Ponying up the cash may be key to hearing the audio version as well. Let me know if you know! My subscription lapsed and I listen to podcasts so rarely, it’s hard to justify $75/annum. Which is a shame because I love Sunstone and want it to live forever.)

Anyway: Mormon Socrates!

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