So a young widower in my parents’ ward recently remarried. The wedding happened in Cedar City and then he and she and his (now their) kids came to my parents’ ward the following Sunday. It was a Fast Sunday and so my dad, predictably, stood and bore his testimony. It’s what he does.

Now, this new couple happened to be sitting just in front of my parents and, as my dad spoke, she started texting furiously. And when sacrament meeting ended, she rushed to my father and wanted to tell him she had told all her friends that Paul McCartney was in her new ward and she was so excited to talk to him!

My dad’s insistence that he was not Paul incognito was received with skepticism.

A month later, talking to my mom, she told her that she’d been asking my dad a bunch of questions and while most of them checked out, she was deeply shaken to learn he was right-handed.

All the same, did my mom think he would mind if she called him Brother McCartney? And what if I call you Sister McCartney? Mom said that would be fine.

Now that it’s been pointed out to me though, yeah, I can see it. He’s nine years older than my dad, but as they’ve moved into old age, they’ve started to look much more alike.

Enough so—and here’s your evidence the Beatles are not dead—that he’s getting the comparison from high-school students when he subs, as well. And apparently even at the store a couple times as well.

So: Paul McCartney is secretly Mormon and he lives that life a couple hours from L.A. in a small mountain community where he can maintain his anonymity (almost) while remaining within range of the jetset.

Tell your friends.

This important information also available on Thubstack.

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