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So the exciting news is that on December 6, Byuck will be out in a fresh new edition from BCC Press. Check out Matt Page’s latest and greatest cover:

One thing that’s great about working with a company entering its prime rather than a company boarding the windows as you enter (not a knock on Strange Violin, whom I deeply appreciate, but a fact all the same) is that there is marketing. You may have seen some of this if you follow BCC Press on Twitterthe nostalgic playlist—which I am listening to right now as I write this because it is great—and the chance to help build it, for instance—but one thing they’ve been asking me for from go is photos of thme from the Byuck era.

The novel takes place over the 2000–2001 school year and, um, I don’t really have any photographs from that time period. Not really.

Lady Steed and I were wed the summer of 2000 and, outside engagement/wedding photos, there ain’t much of then-Theric (certainly not of me in Provo). But there are a couple, including this amazing photo:

If you have a close eye for detail, you’ll note the following:

Something you can’t tell (and neither can I) is who in the world took this photo. We’re at my parents’ house but what the heck else is going on in this room? I mean—this is the trip in which Lady Steed met my parents! How did anyone put up with us?

Anyway, I was able to deliver that photo to the BCC Press marketing team with this helpful suggestion:

Mm. Ends up smallifying jpgs for Thubstack

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renders that text at the bottom borderline illegible. Just think of it as the pixelated portion.

I started writing Byuck as a play shortly before this photo was taken and my professor told me I wasn’t ready to write it yet. Considering how quickly it rolled out of me 2003–2004, I think she was right.

Being a year older than Dave wasn’t enough. Maybe this photo proves this as well.

Anyway, more sales from me in the near future. I should have a preorderlink to share next week!


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