Pasta madness


I was listening to KALX as I was driving my sore kid to school and a wonderful song came on. It was absolutely the sort of thing I'm into and felt like the sort of person I should know . . . but probably did not. (Right on both counts!)

Anyway, the kid said it was weird. Which, if he thought that was weird—I mean, has he even been subjected to KALX before?

It was afternoon before I got around to looking the song up then finding it on YouTube so I could listen to it again. The song was still great and even the about-the-vid showed some wit. On second listen I realized that at least one person she reminded me of was the wonderful Courtney Barnett who is even more clever and just as Australian. Anyway. Good song.

Later I decided to do the dishes BECAUSE I AM LIKE THAT and asked Alexa to play "Pasta"; I couldn't remember Angie's last name (McSomething?) so decided to see what Alexa came up when given only the title. I've found some great stuff (and tons of terrible stuff) using this method. And what she found set me dancing around the kitchen.

So yes: obviously a for-kids band but for for-kids (like other notorious genres like Christian) does have some excellent bands working in the genre. And The Pop Ups are most certainly one of these. I listened to them for the next forty minutes and while some were better than others, they were all 100% worth listening to.

I love kids music that treats its audience with intelligence. The Pop Ups are this.

I've already purchased an album and an EP from Angie, but I guarantee I'll be returning to The Pop Ups as well. Maybe when my daughter is awake.

Note that some songs, like "Indoor Picnic" are ONLY available through Alexa. Hhhhh.

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