Unfinished book: Shit, Actually


I didn't not finish this book because I wasn't enjoying it, not at all. It made me laugh consistently and Lindy is a smart and friendly guide through the movies she's writing about. I got this book from the library solely because I admire its title essay which I tweet out every other Christmas and anticipated these pleasures.

The reason I did not finish this book is because it included writing on a couple movies I intend to watch or rewatch and wanted to do so before getting her opinions. And also because my antipathy is so great re the American Pie universe that I couldn't bring myself to read that essay.

Her break-everything style can make it tough to tell whether she likes a movie or not until you get to the ratings at the end, but irreverence is fine, isn't it? Even if I think Back to the Future Part II is better than she says, it hardly deserves a hearty defense. They are movies. They'll be fine.

And you deserve a laugh.

Have you looked outside lately?

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    Lady Steed's most of the way through it now (and yes she too has skipped some) and she's made the sensible point that, really, it's not a book to rush through. The fun of the book is more intact when it doesn't become tired or redundant. Which is to say, maybe don't read this book in three settings?