Lost Songs: "101 Dalmatians"


This was among a stack of record storybooks my siblings and I inherited from some older cousins and it was one of the better ones. We listened to it so much that when my parents picked up the movie on VHS, it was disorienting not to have the theme song in the movie!

It's still a song I sing with some regularity---it's certainly in the internal jukebox and it's ready to drop at any time.

I just heard the song again at a website I bumped into thanks to some link hopping earlier in the day (did you know Mickey's Christmas Carol started life as a record?); the first bit of nostalgia I chose to look for was this record. I listened to the first minute or so then skipped ahead to the songs (it also features a version of "Cruella de Ville").

Anyway, I don't have much else to say about it. The song starts around the 5:30 mark.


After posting the above, I went and started moseying around and started finding other vital childhood documents, perhaps including the most vital from-a-record-storybook song of them all, "Carrot Stew."

Not only is this still in the jukebox, it has become a my-own-family standard. Any time a liquid food features carrots: "Carrot Stew." Any time we read one of our two copies of this Little Golden Book: "Carrot Stew." Any time a three-syllable noun phrase requires special emphasis: "Carrot Stew."

It's a banger.

And don't miss other fine numbers such as the Lion's I-want song---really, the whole thing's worth a listen. You probably have a copy of Tawny Scrawny around your house already (and if not, you should).


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    Mos'ing around I found this masterpiece as well: There's No Such Thing as Dragons

    I'm not re-editing the post because although the theme is definitely in my jukebox what's really great is how quotable it is. "Wait! Wait! Don't you want your mail?" and "Hmm. The House is gone." are utter classics among Jepsons.

    I just turned the pages and listened with Lady Steed and she laughed at all the right places, so this is not just for the sub-ten crowd!

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    We found a copy of There's No Such Thing as Dragons in a freepile and Lady Steed just read it to the baby then asked me to find the final song for her to here.