Voicemail, February 2010


Looking for something else, I just found this Google-transcribed voicemail, from me ten years ago. Although I could listen to it and know what I said, I find it rather wonderful as is.
At the end of this year. You will have
to make a choice making a choice. Hang
on pas pas pas at the end of this year
at hey got came back to you listening
as Jeremy and I'm Joined on and on. At
the end of this year. He said you will
have to make a choice making a choice
as we all know from the example of our
first parents is predicated upon our
having knowledge. This year you will
gain knowledge in order. The few made
shoe us something like that. Okay young.
Hey Dot please. It's safe. Yes, the final
line will be yes. He smiled. Maybe he
would fail. The reason for the assignment
was obvious nor was it a surprise, karem
had given it to a every set of students he
had ever talk to, and he is in P, Jean the
near men long enough that hay dos grandfather
remember doing it. We had said he wished to
save the lives of meet 5 Warriors and truly
he had the joint declared breast played he
created. Hey been credited by hundreds if not
thousands for preserving life and when. Hey
godfather me like I demonstrated to. During his
desire to improve on. As far the excuse me, I
just received your and his desire to improve
on his father's designs and so he had lighter
more flexible. Aside excellence the cap tomorrow
night. Had forces father to share the design with
other Smith outfit the entire nation but his father
bean his father. We had found a way to squeeze a
portion of each breast place profits into the family
coffers. And hey, God was but one year from becoming
a man and at the end of this year. Introductions
after jeremy had shown them all the trade for the
nation. All the gills. Is there a Hemlock all the
everything's it would present their choice to Jeremy
and if you approved he would find them and apprentice
ship. Not that anyone dotted he got future, you are me.
Alex on his father would often say, mu Lakes only son
as he was his father's only son, and as such you too
will bring well to your family on her to your father
like to your fellows and glory to the nation at some
point. I also need to mention that his grandfather.
In particular, his father also, though. Alright few of
those who succeed in leaking their lofts.

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