Some unfinished books to begin the year


I've been giving myself permission not to finish books with regularity this year, from high art to low art. I wanted to plug these three books in particular though because I did enjoy them and because they have so much in common.

The first is essays on great animated films, the second on great science-fiction films, the third science fiction and fantasy fiction that holds up to rereading. With all three books I largely focussed on the movies/books I had already consumed. Book one gave me intelligent discourse. Book two's emphasis was more on Fun Facts which, of course, I also enjoyed. Book three was largely one woman's personal responses. And her responses made me continue this ongoing discussion I have with myself as to whether I should be a bigger rereader myself. Unlike Jo Walton, however, I do not read 500+ books a year. If I did, I think rereading would be much easier to fit in. I do agree with her that you haven't really read a book (or seen a movie, for that matter) until you have read it twice. I feel that lack a lot.

Book two was a big hit with my youngest son who has turned it into a personal must-watch list; I'm considering buying him a copy after I return these to the library.

In short, if you are interested in these types of movies/books, these are wonderful volumes to browse. If you are an expert in your own right, their editorial decisions will be delightful to rail against. Consider consider consider.

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