Jean-Claude Van Johnson


I've never seen a Van Damme film so I have no idea but maybe this is typical of his work. But I doubt it.

The first thing to know is that old Van Damme has the face of old Buster Keaton. And this show makes use of that stoneface to terrific effect. This is a hilarious show shot like a serious drama at times and like a top-shelf action films at other times. I don't know if Van Damme ever had the chance to act like this film lets him, but here he is dramatic and comedic in rapid succession and simultaneously.

Who knew?

[I was going to go into more detail, but I'm not sure I care enough after all. Just watch it for yourself. But before you start, what's the only reason to own a weather-control device?]

Oh: And JCVJ the most brilliantly deadpan solution to a time paradox of all time.

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