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The Big O just completed what will, in all likelihood, be his last-ever Little League game (he's going on a weeklong backcountry backpacking trip and missing the rest of the All-Star Tournament; if they win, he could be back for the NorCals then on to the West and the Little League World Series!). He pitched great. Eight up eight down, then a comebacker that hurt his catching hand. After four more outs (and no additional runners), he was moved to right field to give his bruised hand a break.

In the first inning, he took a bases-loaded ball four to walk in the first (and only necessary) run. The mercy rule ended the game halfway through the fifth inning, 14–0.

(He did bat once, after his injury, and his coach had him lay down his first bunt of the year. He almost beat the throw, but not quite.)

I was thinking about it, and since the post-season began, the Big O's pitching has been exemplary. The post-season is the three-game series to win his league, the Tournament of Champions, and the all-star series. The first series his team went 2–1; the second, 2–1; this one, so far, 3–1. In games O has started, his teams have gone 7–1. When he did not pitch, they were 0–2. Wow.

Keep it alive, kids! He'll be back all healed and filthy in just one week!

As an addendum, some words from his coach.

Not the top player in any tool, but in the 90th percentile on all of them.
A curveball no player on any team can see.
By far the best overall player in the league.
A really good kid.

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