The Tick (2016)


So I've seen the full live-action run and several of the cartoons and read a handful of hundreds of pages of the comics. Thus, a new series excites me.

I just watched Amazon's pilot and I'm going to vote for it (I laughed sufficiently if not abundantly), but I do have a few reservations to share here:
Why go for the MA rating? The Tick should be something I can watch with my kids. A few extra swears to make it [whatever swears are supposed to make it] is value subtracted.

The costumes---Arthur's in particular---are a bit too cool.

I worry about the people-think-Arthur's-crazy element.

The Tick's metaphors can be cranked up even more. You'll never get all of them to hit, but it should be, let's say 75%. But I trust you here!
That's all.

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