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Due to people being difficult what with travel and such, this week the ENTIRE BISHOPRIC pinch-hit spoke in sacrament meeting. The topic was the three parts of the Thirteenth Article of Faith. I like part three best so went last. This is a scan of the version I used. Relevant links follow below.

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OT seek
BofM seek
D&C seek
NT seek
Virtue out of Jesus
Oldtimey virtue
Batman Forever
Oldtimey lovely
Berkeley Ward building
Berkeley Ward organ
The Cheese Board
Monterey Market
Trader Joe's
The Tree of Life
Gifts of the Spirit
Love Letters of the Angels of Death
Seek the best books
LLoftheAofD: final chapter
Joseph Smith / Apocrypha
Monterey Bay Aquarium, sand crabs
Zion must increase in beauty
Joseph Smith on embracing all truth

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