Lost Songs: Ronnie Milsap sings "Any Day Now" /
(special Ronnie Milsap edition)


Lost Songs is a series in which I consider songs that matter to me for some reason but which I have not heard in at least three years.


On the last post in this series, my nine-years-younger brother said, "Whenever you go country in these posts, I see huge overlaps in our musical past." Which doesn't surprise me when we're in the 90s, but I am surprised when I go back further in time. I don't remember country radio in California having much sense of history (and yes, for those stations, the 80s was history). But then some of these songs are only country because that's how they identify, genitalia be damned. This song ain't all that country.

Anyway, it's permanently lodged in my internal jukebox. Any phrase composed of the words any, day, or now can set me off for the better part of an hour.

Interestingly (to me), this isn't the original rendition of the song. In fact, this version is the way it is in part to set it apart from the previous best-known version, which I'd never heard before (I think) until right . . . now !

Yup. Although the instrumentation reminds me of some other sweet 60s songs, I don't think I've heard this before. Pretty nice!

Back to the country thing. One reason I do go country about half the time in this series is because I live in a major metro area without a country station and, really, I hardly ever think to pull up country on the ol' Spotify. Country is a huge part of my past, but it's not that significant a part of my present.

Ah, time.

When you search YouTube for "ronnie milsap any day now," after a few vids of that song, this next one comes up. I don't think I know the title, but what do you want to bet I know it and like it and haven't heard it in at least three years! #LostSongs!

Ohhhhh, yeah. Definitely know this one. Record seems to have a skip though....

Man, I love this song.

File it under songs i didnt know have sex in them until i was much older.

Hey! Now in the side bar is this old favorite! I don't think I've heard it since c. 2000 when I included it on a honeymoon roadtrip mix cd because I found it in my fiancee's parents' record collection! And below that's another beloved! And there's another Ronnie Milsap below it! I have no idea what it is but bet I know it too! Let's listen to 'em all!

Cool noir stylings. Very nice. Love the final image. Witty. Song still songy.

Initial impression: eesh. Bit . . . sentimental. I don't know what I expected. Consider that title.

I'm remembering that it was one of the songs I used to hope would come on the radio so I could feel something....

Hoo. Those songs could make a whole post. I would have to cut up my irony card.

Oh, wait! I know this one too! Clearly I had a Ronnie childhood. Although I'm not sure this is the only version I know. Checking the 50s.... Oh yeah. I know this one better. (I miss 50s music so much.)

(Fun fact. Did you know Guns N' Roses recorded this too?(

(I take it back. That fact wasn't fun at all.)

Okay. One more I think I must know:

Remember it? Yes. But it wasn't that great. And I gotta stop.

Ronnie Milsap!


  1. I heard Ronnie a lot when I was a kid, my dad was into all the late 70's early 80's country. By the mid 80's I made myself scarce and didn't hear country too much anymore.
    But years later I'm still fond of some of those songs.

    The last horrifying experience had with Ronnie however was catching a ride from SLC to St. George and the people I was riding with start playing Ronnie - that's fine, it was sentimental, but then Smoky Mountain Keeps falling stops after about sixty seconds and Ronnie starts talking - it was just an introduction for Ronnie to shill some kind of laxative and these people I'm riding with wanted to listen to it all the way to St. George!
    I made myself fall asleep. It kinda ruined Milsap for me for a good long while.

    1. .

      That story has serious comic potential.

  2. Curiously, "I wouldn't have missed it for the world" is the only one of these songs I know. (By title, at least. Maybe I should listed to them and report back later, but you have other posts I came here to comment on, so--priorities, and all that.)