Unfinished Books: Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?: The Epic Saga of the Bird that Powers Civilization


I want to say up front that this is an Unfinished Book and NOT a Rejected Book, even though I will largely be complaining about its failures. I really did plan to finish the book even so, but its failings made it hard to keep picking up. Basically, after we got back from LA and I had access to other books, I just couldn't convince myself to keep reading even though I was fascinated by the subject matter.

The problem was that Lawler lacks a clear sense of where the interest in his stories lies. He'll drag along along through tangential trivia and skip lightly over challenging demanding aspect of the tale. This leads to frustration or boredom, back and forth between the two. Which is a shame because, as I said, there is much of interest here, historical, sociological, and pressingly contemporary.

I wonder if he just had a hard time making the leap to booklength nonfiction? I dunno. It was disappointing though.

I really wanted to learn about chickens.


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