Okay, kids! (a svithe)


Inspired by this fascinating tidbit from 1953, today's sacrament meeting was aimed at the kids. Speakers could speak on any topic, so long as their remarks were directed at the kids. In my introduction, I asked this riddle:
What is older than you
but shorter than you
and you're inside it right now?
The answer was sacrament meeting and we were off to the races. I shared with the kids a summary of that linked-to document (via time machine---paper has always been a time machine) and introduced the speakers and we were good to go.
Give your coloring books and Cheerios to your parents. Although, adults, Jesus told you do be as a little child as well, so you should be able to find something of use as well.
I heard a lot from adults who thought the sacrament meeting was truly excellent. My own kids gave it a decent review. Several adults wanted it to become a regular thing. I think maybe it will.

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