Why the Apple Watch is already a failure


Look. I'm not an early adopter and so no one really cares about what I think about new tech. And sure, I'll bet Apple sells a kajillion of the dumb things. But the product is still a failure at appling as Apple is supposed to do. The iPod, the iPhone---these truly disrupted the market and changed the nature of modern life. Especially---although it was a long time ago and hard to remember these days---the iPod.

The iPod got old people who had never really latched on to cds to skip a few generations of product and sign up for something new. Here in 2015, most people can't accept that I don't have a smartphone (or any cellphone for that matter), but I don't and I'm unlikely ever to get one. Why would I? They're expensive, intrusive, annoying, not something I want in my pocket, and an utter endless hassle. The Apple Watch is marketed to take away all the hassles of owning a phone. Except, of course, it only works if you carry an iPhone around with you.

So the Watch doesn't allow a willing leapfrogger like myself to leap some frogs. I'm trapped. Even though I recognize the world has passed me by and I'm getting anxious to rejoin it, even though I imagine it will be a wearable device that finally brings me back to the future, this wearable device that requires me to carry around a phone isn't merely redundant: It's backwards.

And that's a failure for any Brave New Device.

So try harder, tech companies.

Apple's leaving the door wide open on this one.

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