Recent publications


I am surprisingly terrible at announcing publications here at Thutopia.

But here are a few from recent months I've neglected (more are in the pipeline):

"Then, at 2:30. . . ." at 365 Tomorrows
The talk-show of the future will cover celebrity problems of the future.

"Yes, Snow White Ate the Apple. It Was a Suicide." at MicroHorror
Hardly an original idea to rework Snow White as a horror story, but I hope where I'm standing results in a different view.

"Overall free" at 無μ Magazine
This poem is . . . probably about . . . something . . . or other.

"Accidentally Deleted" at Quantum Fairy Tales
Considering all the science-fiction poetry I was writing back when I was an Asimov's subscriber, it's nice to see some end up in print.


Just hours after I posted this, look what went up:
"Inappropriate Book Illustrations Redeemed Through the Glory of Dance" at Red Fez
(self explanatory)

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